Under the Mountain “Desolation of Daugs”

This episode is filmed throughout the whole year in the USA & NZ, We hope you enjoy it. Filmed & Edited by Beau-James and Jackson Wells. additional filming: All Us In Winterland Jossi Wells Max Hill Taylor Seaton Cottie Gorham Paul McAlpine Simon Gritsch

Propaganda (2001)

This season from John DeCesare comes a progressive ski film that will continued to change the way you think about skiing. Witness J.F. Cusson’s massive 1/4 pipehits, J.P. Auclair doing the first-ever 360 degree man-made loop. See 4 kink urban rails, a record-setting hip jump by Jon Olsson, Candide Thovex going huge like only he […]

The Game (2000)

The Game is Poor Boyz Productions 2000 ski movie. The movie features JF Cusson, Evan Raps, Shane Szocs, JP Auclair, Seth Morrison, Vinnie Dorian etc

Road to Zion

‘Road to Zion’ follows Henrik’s 2013/14 season mixing Park, Urban and Back Country skiing. The film brings you through X-Games, the Olympics.

Tanner Hall Retrospect

Tanner Hall Retrospect brings you back to 2007 when Tanner put out some of the best pillow skiing footage in skiing history!

13 (1999)

Johnny Decesare/PBP 3rd freestyle ski movie that released in 1999. Featured Skiers are JP Auclair, Shane Szocs, Mike Douglas, Vinny Dorion, JF Cusson etc.

Keynote Skier

Peace Keynote Skier is a 6 month project showcasing the skills of Phil ?B-Dog? Casabon and friends in a blend of various aspects within skiing.

Degenerates (1998)

The best emerging skiers pulling the slickest aerials grabs and inverts while enduring bone shattering impacts all in hopes of breaking a new level of skiing.

State of Mind (1997)

A video representing the new era of snow skiing: raw, powerful, aggressive, bordering on reckless abandon.  Controlled only by a State of Mind.

Retallack: The Movie (2011)

Tanner Hall and Co. will take you on a ride of pure powder bliss. Retallack Lodge has cultivated a unique ski culture — rich in history, salt-of-the-earth characters.

Like a Lion (2010)

A documentary feature film about the most controversial skier of the last decade, LIKE A LION tells a tremendous story of adversity and self-confidence, tragedy..

‘Road to Zion’ teaser

Suffering a tragic and unexpected loss when skiing’s unabashed maverick and Harlaut’s friend Tom Warnick passed away early season.

‘Keynote Skier’ teazer

‘Keynote Skier’ is a 6 month project showcasing the skills of Phil ‘B-Dog’ Casabon and friends in a blend of various aspects within skiing.

The Style Files Ep.3

This final episode was filmed for a week at Carinthia, Mount Snow and a few days in Utah. Thanks to everyone who made my season possible!

The Education of Style (2013)

For the month of June, we would like to share for FREE with you Inspired Media Concepts 2013 ski film ‘The Education of Style’.

Minnesota Represent Show ‘Leftovers’

The Minnesota Represent Show on Inspired TV went on hiatus this season with no official shows being released.

Under the Mountain ‘Deported’

Filmed by Beau and Jackson during February and March in Colorado and Europe. Hope you enjoy. Additional filming: Jossi Wells, Nicky Keefer, Bruce Wells. Edited by Beau-James Wells

Krue (2004)

This ski movie was put together by Kye Petersen and Skyler Flavelle and documents their crew of friends from the Whistler area skiing, skateboarding etc.