Parental Advisory (2000)


Heavy Hitting Films premier ski movie that released in Fall 2000.

Produced by: Heavy Hitting Films
Directed by: Kevin ‘Feet’ Banks & Travis Tetreault

Featured Skiers: Brett Carlson, JF Cusson, Anthony Boronowski, Eric Pehota, Rob Boyd, Mike Atkinson, Joe Lammers, JD Hare, Kevin Smith, Philou Poirier, JP Auclair, Vincent Dorion, Julien Regnier, Seb Michaud, Skogen Sprang, Shane Szocs, Tanner Hall, Ryan Oakden, Marc MacDonell, Jon Olsson, Bobby Augst, CR Johnson, Bryce Phillips, John Chilton, Rex Thomas, Damian Cromwell, Chris Winter, Chris Eby, Toben Sutherland, Jeff Holden

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