Red Tape (2004)


Hey, Bro,
Hope everything is going well back home. We just got back from Iceland and our trip was really sick!! Everybody skied super well. Our winter was really good. We spent time in Salt Lake City with Charles Gagnier and Thomas Rinfret. Charles did the craziest urban in SLC. Our filmers were all over the place this year. From Mammoth to Quebec with a little pit stop in France with TJ Schiller and Iannick B. In March we got around to doing some sledding around Tahoe with Larose, got some really nice shots up there! And of course, we have some really good pipe action from Belanger. Unfortunately, you know he hurt himself, but his segment still looks amazing. Ohh!! I forgot Sarah. She worked so hard to film with us this winter, hope she can win the best female segment again. Our editing is almost done and it’s off the hook, I think it’s going to blow your mind.
That’s all for now, but I’ll send you a copy ASAP.