‘Union’ (2003)

The story of ‘Union’ is awesome for our first ski film that we released in 2003. I quit playing hockey because of a surgery for my shoulder. At that time I was close to being a junior major. Then I started to ski because of the ski film ‘Royalty’!! So, I began with filming my friends in snowboard and then met Dom Legare and Phil Warren in 2002. The next year I bought a GL2 and started to shoot whit them. My goal at the beginning of that year was to do a movie just for friends. Then I started to take it more serious when we met up with Charles Gagnier and his brother Antoine in Whistler! From there, Phil, Dom and I started to think that we would be able to do the biggest movie for the up and comers of Quebec. Charles G. was the reason I met LP and then we decided after we went to Whistler to do a bigger movie. So, I went for a week in Mont St Anne at the second house of LP in the summer and we put this movie together. Most of the movie was shot by me, but Lp did all the editing. I was the general behind it making sure that we respect our origin! And AV started like that… From nothing to something! -Fred LaRue aka The Street