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Parental Advisory (2000)

Heavy Hitting Films premier ski movie that released in Fall 2000. Produced by: Heavy Hitting Films Directed by: Kevin ‘Feet’ Banks & Travis Tetreault Featured Skiers: Brett Carlson, JF Cusson, Anthony Boronowski, Eric Pehota, Rob Boyd, Mike Atkinson, Joe Lammers, JD Hare, Kevin Smith, Philou Poirier, JP Auclair, Vincent Dorion, Julien Regnier, Seb Michaud, Skogen Sprang, Shane Szocs, Tanner Hall, Ryan Oakden, Marc MacDonell, Jon Olsson, Bobby Augst, CR Johnson, Bryce Phillips, John Chilton, Rex Thomas, Damian Cromwell, Chris Winter, Chris Eby, Toben Sutherland, Jeff Holden

Journal (2008)

Theory 3 Media’s fourth ski movie that released in 2008 Produced by: Theory-3 Media in association with Poor Boyz Productions Directed by: Jeff Thomas Featuring: Charley Ager, Brandon Kelly, Frank Raymond, Joe Schuster, PY LeBlanc, Dane Tudor, Alexis Godbout, Max Hill, Josh Stack, Riley Leboe, Christian Boucher, Matt Margetts, Cedric TF, James Heim and Anthony Boronowski

PNW (2007)

Theory-3 Media’s third ski movie released in 2007 A high definition project documenting the free skiing travels of the pacific northwest. Produced by: Theory-3 Media in association with Poor Boyz Productions Directed by: Jeff Thomas Featuring: Charley Ager, PY LaBlanc, James Heim, Brandon Kelly, Justin Dorey, Joe Schuster, Max Hill, Riley Leboe, Erich Kunz, Charles Grant, Johnny Five, Josh Stack, Ian MacIntosh, Colin Puskas, Kevin Hjertaas, Zach Davison, Andrew McIver

[photo] play (2006)

Theory-3 Media’s second ski movie released in 2006 Produced by: Theory-3 Media in association with Poor Boyz Productions Directed by: Jeff Thomas Featuring: James Heim, Charley Ager, Justin Dorey, Wiley Miller, Riley Leboe, Brandon Kelly, Mike Hornbeck, Erich Kunz, Charles Grant, Ryan Johannesen, Billly Poole, Joe Schuster, Mike Henituk, Banks Gilberti, TJ Schiller, Chris Rubins, Josh Stack Filmed on location: Mt. Baker, The Summit at Snoqualmie, Whistler, Blackcomb, Park City, Alta, Anchorage, Alaska, Northstar, Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle, Mammoth, Mount Seymour, Golden, US Open, Freshtival, Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival

Safety Meeting (2005)

Theory-3 Media, a wonderfully small, goofy collaboration of Canadians and Americans, brings you Safety Meeting this summer. A film about spiny floppy things, big lines, bottomless white fluff and concrete playgrounds. What else can we pack into 35 minutes? A funk music video intro, lighthearted killer soundtrack, your favorite pros and up and coming freeskiers uniting to bring you our kind of ski film. Over an hour of extra videos, promos and slideshows! Why not? Directed by: Jeff Thomas Produced by: Theory-3 Media in association with Poor Boyz Productions Featuring: James Heim, Justin Dorey, Zach Davison, Charles Grant, Chris Muldoon, Riley Leboe, Chris Rubens, Colin Puskas, Joe Schuster, Errol Clark, Leif-Zapf Giljle, Blair Fontana, Kevin Hjertaas, Chris Benchetler, Erich Kunz Filmed on location at: Mt. Baker, Whistler, Silverstar, Revelstoke, Golden, Mt. Seymour, Grouse, Big White, Alberta, Alaska, Utah, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, California, Ontario.

Der weisse Rausch (1931)

Der weisse Rausch (The White Ecstasy) is a 1931 German mountain film written and directed by Arnold Fanck and starring Hannes Schneider, Leni Riefenstahl, Guzzi Lantschner, and Walter Riml. The film is about the skiing exploits of a young village girl (played by Riefenstahl), and her attempts to master the sport of skiing and ski-jumping aided by the local ski expert (played by Schneider). Filmed on location in Sankt Anton am Arlberg, the film was one of the first to use and develop outdoor film-making techniques and featured several innovative action-skiing scenes. Two Tyrolean skiing stars, Walter Riml and Guzzi Lantschner, have important parts in this movie. They play two Hamburger carpenters in their traditional outfits. They come to the Arlberg and try to learn how to ski with the aid of two different skiing books. A Weisse Rausch downhill race, based on the film, is held every April in St. Anton.

Save (2007)

Plehouse Films fifth and final movie that was released in 2007. Featured Skeirs:  Charles Gagnier, JF Houle, Frank Raymond, Alexis Godbout, Manu Gaidet, Xavier De Le Rue, Phil Larose, Phil Belanger, Josh Bibby, JF Cusson, Arnaud Kugener  

Skimatic (2006)

Pleyhouse Films is proud to bring you it’s forth 16mm free skiing film! The time has come to reveal the machine: the Skimatic 4000!!!! Meet the employees and most of all, witness their magnificent exploits on skis. Energy Supply: JF Houle / Alexis Godbout Chemical Mixture: Phil Belanger Machine Operator: Phil Larose Accountant: Laurent Favre Delivery: Frank Raymond / Thomas Rinfret Testers: Woodie Boumr / Josh Bibby / Charles Gagnier / Arnaud Kugener

White Shine (2005)

The award-winning team at Pléhouse Films today announced the production of White Shine, the eagerly-anticipated sequel to Red Tape, Pléhouse films critically-acclaimed second production. The 16mm film will document the winter of the D-Structure team members as they explore the planet in search of the best alpine and urban destinations. For it’s third film, Pléhouse has accepted its most important assignment to date: follow the 20 skiers part of the D-Structure professional and amateur teams as they travel the globe. The Pléhouse film crews will shoot thousands of feet of film documenting these elite athletes as they perpetually push the limits of skiing in the backcountry, in terrain parks and in unusual urban settings. Featured Skiers:  Philippe Belanger, Philippe Dion, Phil Larose, Iannick B., Charles Gagnier, Sarah Burke, Thomas Rinfret, TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby

Red Tape (2004)

Hey Bro, Hope everything is going well back home.  We just got back from Iceland and our trip was really sick!!  Everybody skied super well.  Our winter was really good.  We spent time in Salt Lake City with Charles Gagnier and Thomas Rinfret.  Charles did the craziest urban in SLC.  Our filmers were all over the place this year.  From Mammoth to Quebec with a little pit stop in France with TJ Schiller and Iannick B.  In March we got around to doing some sledding around Tahoe with Larose, got some really nice shots up there!  And of course we have some really good pipe action from Belanger.  Unfortunately you know he hurt himself, but his segment still looks amazing.  Ohh!! I forgot Sarah.  She worked so hard to film with us this winter, hope she can win the best female segment again.  Our editing is almost done and it’s off the hook, I think it’s going to blow your mind. That’s all for now, but I’ll send you a copy ASAP. Thanks, Chuck
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