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The Supershow (1999)

The World’s Hottest free riders pulling every trick known to man and a few others. The Supershow takes you from Mt. Hood to the French alps then back again. featuring Shane Szocs, Julien Reginer, Toben Sutherland, Mike Douglas, Shaggy Schad, JP Auclair, JF Cusson, Vincent Dorion, Marc MacDonnel, and Evan Dybvig

Inspired Euro Fam 2.0

All the Inspired European family shredding featuring Kai Mahler, Jacob Wester, Gpsy Feelin (Lange Julien, PA Chedal, Flo Bastien, Leo Taillefer, Robin Romera), Antti Ollila, Nico Vuignier, Laurent De Martin , Noah Albaladejo,Luka Meloni , Kelly Sildaru ,Tom Granier, Morten Grappe, Luggi Bruccic, Egor Sorokin, David Bonneville, Jeremy Pancras, Pepe Kalensky

Proven Guilty (2008)

Filthy Rich Productions presents “Proven Guilty”, the third part in a trilogy of ski films.  The fast paced skiing is captured entirely in Sony HD throughout the 07-08 season in the Greater Tahoe region.  Snowmobiles provide access to Tahoe’s finest terrain and secret deep pow stashes.  The crew is caught on film blasting steep lines, kickers and cliff drops in the colorful powder filled Tahoe Backcountry.  There is also evidence of destroying various resort park obstacles and greasing many jibs in the Tahoe basin.  The technical skiing is laced with original music from the Bay Area and Hawaii.

Never Again... Maybe Tomorrow (2007)

Filthy Rich Productions, the Creators of “Cold Blooded” bring you another Fast Paced Ski Movie filmed acress Montana, Utah, Colorado and California.  With hard hitting sounds from the Bay Area, Big Cheeze, McFly, Benner, Low & Keak Da Sneak add nothing less than a Perfect Soundtrack.

Cold Blooded (2006)

From the dark and seedy streets of Oakland to the glamorous hedonistic underworld of Tahoe, California.  Two towns, each brimming with limitless delights and degradation where anything can happen.  Filthy Rich Productions, a criminal saga of greed and desperation, makes their debut with an incredible film that will take you into the world of Cold Blooded.  Lock the doors and put the kids to bed!

Believe (2007)

Follow Tanner Hall and crew around the world in his latest ski film, Believe. Watch Tanner, Seth Morrison, Kyle Petersen, Sean Pettit, Callum Pettit, Anthony Borownowski, Ian Provo, Dan Treadway, CR Johnson and more as they take skiing to a level unlike anything you?ve ever seen before. Believe takes you from sessions in chest deep blower pow at Mt. Baker to a little cat time in Retallack, British Columbia. The journey continues while picking up major speed through Whistler, B.C., then on to a massive roadside session in Japan as the crew mashes the all time dirtiest pillows in Mica and up North to Haines, Alaska as Seth Morrison throws a 150+ double front flip to stop! Believe is the new standard in ski films, don?t get left behind.

Show & Prove (2006)

Filmed over a six month period during the winter of 2005-2006, Show and Prove chronicles the lives of professional skiers Tanner Hall and CR Johnson as they each struggle to overcome the greatest challenges of their lives. Follow Tanner across North America and Europe as he pushes himself and the boundaries of the sport to a new level. Witness CR recover from a life-threatening head injury and make a comeback that is nothing short of miraculous. Ski bottomless powder, spin off huge cliffs, go behind the scenes at the X Games, hit monster kickers and slide the most technical rails ever, including the first rail-to-rail transfer. Show & Prove is the true story of friendship and the progression of the sport through heart, commitment and the most cutting-edge skiing to date.

Guatemalan Persuader

If you didn’t get enough from Burger Time… then you will need to check out the highly anticipated 2nd production from Mercon Industries that was a 2 year project. Back at it with more insane carnage and up close broken bones, blood, shit and puke we took it to another level once again when we teamed up with magical creatures like Falcor from The Never Ending Story and drank 40oz with him! We also got to see Greg Tuffelmyer as he lurked though the windows of his gilrfriends pillow fights! I mean shit, who doesn’t like boobs right! So enjoy The Guatemalan Persuader with once again some of the best skiing, drinking, shitting, puking, snowmobiling and whatever else happened. This movie is just pure awesomeness!!! Shit just doesn’t happen like this anymore! If it did, no one would be sponsored because big companies are pussies and scared to let there athletes be there own person! Fuck all that shit, have fun, shred and ski with your friends! Because it could all be gone tomorrow as we all know! who knows… there might be a 3rd movie in the works!

Burger Time

‘Burger Time’ is a ski film from the 2000-2001 season produced by Mercon Industries and Directed by Jon Mercon. This film shows you the FREE in freestyle skiing and documents the revolution fully when twin tips came onto the scene. From party to puking to park this film should be rated x for x-tremely fucked up! Featuring Nick Mercon, Greg Tuffelmyer, Omar Otte and pretty much anyone else that threw a trick that season on skis!


The film project IDEA is the concept of three professional skiers; Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre and Pep Fujas. These skiers have spent close to a decade innovating and creating on skis. Now they are creating a different kind of ski film. Together with film maker Eric Iberg they set out to document their unique perspectives on a sport that has shaped their lives.
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