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Pop Yer Bottlez (2005)

“Pop Yer Bottlez!” is the highly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit “WSKI 106″. 5 time X-Games champion TANNER HALL and skiing icon CR JOHNSON team up once again with Producer/Director SHANE NELSON and POORBOYZ PRODUCTIONS to showcase some of today’s sickest riders destroying everything in their path. Featuring epic segments from skiing superstars: TANNER HALL, CR JOHNSON, PEP FUJAS, TANNER RAINVILLE, KYE PETERSEN, CHRIS BIOLLO, SEAN & CAL PETIT and even a skiing/snowboarding segment with the infamous C-CREW. The Pop Yer Bottlez! sound track features today’s hottest hip hop and dance hall music blazing over shooting locations in Sweden, British Columbia, Utah, Austria, California, Switzerland, Nevada, Oregon and France. Don’t miss Tanner Hall’s Switch 900 over Chad’s Gap & season ending crash or CR Johnson’s 360s both ways off a 70 foot cliff in Sanora

WSKI 106 (2004)

Tonight Inspired Media is proud to present the re-release of Eric Iberg’s 2004 ski film WSKI 106.  In this film Tanner Hall and Eric Iberg have teamed up and rallied the troops of freestyle skiing to bring you a movie that exposes the true essence of the sport.  This movie mixes the industry’s most creative director, a Hollywood worth editor, and 9 of the sport’s best athletes, unleashing the most amazing cinematic representation of skiing to date.  ENJOY!

First Light (2004)

Off Trail Productions is proud to present our debut film ‘First Light’. This mind-blowing Xtreme sports flick is sure not to dissapoint. Serving up the most insane ski action shots coupled with the most illegitimate soundtrack in the industry, ‘First Light’ will take you on a whirlwind ride of love, anguish, death, and unfettered joy & glory.
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