Highest Region (mountain culture)

HR LOGO Stinger

If you are an active person, then you have some connection to the HIGHEST REGION. Mountain people are a special if not strange group of people who live and center their lives on the vibes found in the peaks and valleys. The highest regions have long been associated with action and extreme sports, but the reality is much more friendly, funny and down home. This show is a celebration of the life style and Mountain Culture.

HIGHEST REGION tells you the stories and introduces the people help make our region unique and trend setting. You can always expect special appearences by great riders, comedians, mountain characters, musicians and of course the HR Puppets. Geoff Stump and a series of guests will host each episode and explore the good, the rad and the gnarly aspects of life in the mountains.


"Face The Pipe" - Highest Region 2.4

Half Pipe is headed for the Olympics, but the greatest Pipe contest ever was “skiing’s favorite games show, Face The Pipe.” Highest Region is jacked to release this retro short film from the unreleased Stumpfilms archives. This is a hilarious look at pipe fails that involve crashes with face grinds into the snow. This collection of vintage Half Pipe skiing includes US Team Half Pipe Coach Andy Woods, Peter Olenick and Scott Hibbert. So with all the serious vibes surrounding Half Pipe competitions today, lighten up and enjoy this blast from the past.

Highest Region - Charlie's Demons

Charlie Lasser was once amongst the top half pipe and slopestyle skiers in the world.  Now he is haunted by his past.  His dreams of glory were altered by a flurry of injuries and his terrible addiction to video games.  Lasser’s skiing is obviously where his talent remains, but that cannot stop his ridiculous obsession with Dawn Patrol 3.


HIGHEST REGION welcomes the Jamaican band Live Wyya to the studio to provide a kicking sound track to the opening street skiing segment. The mini street course is an example of how to have fun with what you’ve got available. “Paradise” will take you to the mountains of British Columbia, New Mexico and of course Colorado. Life in the mountains can be extremely thrilling and simply fun. So smile with the cool reggae song “Paradise” and hold on for some kicking action to the heavy metal sounds of Skrog as we celebrate all who “ride among us.”
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