The Idahomiez Show documents a group of friends living in Idaho, the adventures they go on, the lifestyles they live, and the endless pow that they ride.


The iDahomiez Show "Tamarack with Moxham and Friends”

Tamarack Resort is where Ben Moxham grew up shredding. After the resort financially collapsed, the home owners decided to kick down and keep the lifts spinning. It’s a lively ghost town with awesome friends spreading the stoke, and awesome terrain to back it up. Cody Perrin comes to visit. Ben shows the iDahomiez the goods at Tamarack. Pow Wow Supreme. Road Laps.

iDahomiez "Buildin' Boards and Blastin' Pillows with Martin Campbell"

Pillowz for dayz, awesome fails, huge backflips, and home-made boards! Every snowboard Martin has shralped throughout his years of shred has been missing something… So, he decided to start building his own boards. After hours of research, he built his own ski and snowboard press in his parent’s barn. Then he began the trial and error process of building the perfect ride. So far, Martin has built 8 boards, including one split board. From hitting chump bumps, to big lines, to endless pillows, Martin and his boards are shredding the rad!

iDahomiez Show 'Like Father, Like Son

Remember “The World’s Youngest Skier” video that was circulating on the internet last year? Well, that video went viral with national news stations contacting the family for interviews, and the US Olympic Team inquiring if Rohan could be ready as an alternate for Sochi. In the season 3 premiere of The iDahomiez Show we go behind the scenes with Rohan and learn why he is going to be one of the sickest rippers in years to come. Featuring the gnarly lines and rivers his father Tristan shreds in the Idaho mountains and the 2 year old Rohan’s highlight shots from last season. Enjoy!

The iDahomiez Show 'Blast and Cast with Steven Becker'

Wake up! Fresh pow? Let’s fish! Steven Becker cooked you up an edit to show you his way of life! Castin’ line and Blastin’ lines!

The iDahomiez Show | S02 EP2

The things we do in the summer to afford shred in the winter.

The Search For Brandon

What happened to Brandon Becker after Teddy Bear Crisis? Follow young brothers Jess and Kai on their shredtadical adventure to find Brandon in the West Central Mountains of Idaho. Along the way, they seduce local barista babes, shred the park at L.S.H., meet the shaman of Sargent’s Mountain, and snowmobile out to Burgdorf Hot Springs. Add a special session with Tanner Hall, Ben Moxham, Martin Campbell, and lil’ twist off from Billy Madison, and you get the most ridiculous and fun iDahomiez Show yet! Enjoy!