Ruski TV


Follow Canadians Chris Turpin and Mauro Nunez as they head over to Russia to coach the Russian National Freeski Team to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Chris will show you the many different ways and styles the Russian skiers bring to the sport as well as introducing us to a culture not many of us are familiar with.


Moscow Big Air

The Moscow, Russia Grand Prix was a great event that hosted the best of the best in Russia. The event was held in a very scenic part of Moscow that gave you the true feeling of the size and culture of this city and country. With most of the Russian National Team taking part in this event it gave other locals a slim chance of taking the podium. An underground rider named Grigory Fuzeev took 4th with a switch 9 dub mute after taking a switch 12 to the deep end and just missing the top 3, leaving the podium full of Russia’s Olympic hopefuls. Pulling 3rd was Andrey Poluyahtov, who threw down a left cork 9 dub tail and a right cork 7 lead mute after going way too big on a switch dub 9 in qualifiers. 2nd place went to one of Moscow’s most famous skiers Anton Golubev with a switch dub wobble 9 safety oozing with his personal style. Taking home $2000 US and a big trophy in 1st was crowd favourite Daniil Kalachov with a switch 10 mute and dub 12 mute. Once skiers finished up the top TTR snowboarders took over the venue followed by some great moto and sled big air and a show from Xzibit. Next year’s event should draw an even bigger pool of skiers and a bigger prize purse. Great event to check out if you happen to find yourself in Russia after the Olympics! And…sorry about the quality of this video. I was very busy being the head judge as well as the coach of the Russian National Team. I made this show from footage I got from my iPad and iPod and I hope you like it nonetheless. Thanks for taking the time to watch! – Russian Freestyle Coach Chris Turpin