Tahoe Budz

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Tahoe Budz is a regional based internet show showcasing the skiing talents and incomparable terrain of North Tahoe. Skiers Skogen Sprang and Sean Field are accompanied by a cast of good friends and other Tahoe characters. Both Sean and Skogen are veterans of the X-Games and combined have skied professionally for over 15 years. They are part of Inspired Media Concepts which provides Tahoe Budz with a global platform for people to view the internet show.

  • Date of Birth: 1988-9-28
  • Hometown: Tahoe City, Califonia
  • Sponsors: Slant Skis

  • Date of Birth: 1978-1-14
  • Hometown: Kings Beech, Califonia
  • Sponsors: Slant Skis


Tahoe Budz 'Hometown Hope'

With the fall season coming to an end, and the winter fast approaching or lack there of in Tahoe. Seando is eager to shred with his budz, but they are busy coaching and cutting down trees

Knuckles When We Drop

When the Inspired Crew invades Tahoe, The “Budz” take them deep into the backcountry for some early season shredding. A few days later a familiar face arrives back into town bringing some much needed snow.