The Style Files

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Show Out

‘Show Out’ – 3 days of Colorado early season parks with T-Sizzle feat. Juicy J, Lupe Hagearty feat. Big Sean, and Keegan Kilbride feat. Jeezy. Filmed by: sizzle, keeg, pe Editing by: sizzle

The Style Files Ep.3

This final episode was filmed for a week at Carinthia, Mount Snow and a few days in Utah. Thanks to everyone who made my season possible!

The Style Files EP.2

In the second episode of The Style Files Lupe mobs deep pow in Beaver Creek, and puts together an urban segment from CT, MA, and CO.

The Style Files - Ep.1

In late December Lupe Hagearty flew from Colorado, back to his home town of West Hartford CT. Him and some of the 860media crew filmed this edit over the course of 2 weeks all over Connecticut. (and a bit in VT) Huge shoutout to everyone who made this possible!